The Factory Five Racing MK4 Cobra Replica is a faithful reproduction of the Original Shelby Cobra which was the brain storm of Carroll Shelby in the early 1960’s.


It is worth noting that until the arrival og the Dodge Viper the Shelby Cobra held the record for 0-100-0 MPH elapsed times at 13 seconds flat.


The Factory Five MK4 Replica, as mentioned above is a faithful Replica of this car, but it takes full advantage of almost 50 years of automotive and materials technological advancements and knowledge and the result is a car that in the opinion of many is far better in all respects than the originals.


If you want to build a Factory Five MK4 today there are two basic routes you can take.


The original method is to use a doner Mustang from the 1987 to 2004 year range 


The second and perhaps more popular method today given the advancing age of the 5.O liter cars is to purchase Factory Five’s Complete Kit, that we refer to as the “No Donor Required Kit” which includes everything you will need to build you car except the Driveline, Wheels, Tires, a new battery and a paint job.


Click HERE for Details on what’s included in the Donor Build Base Kit.


Click HERE for Details on what’s included in the No Donor Required base kit.


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