If you click HERE you will be takedn to a really excellent on-line buuild manual that covers both MK3’s and MK4’s This was put up by Kriss Motors and documents the build of their own Cobra.

Are you in Ontario and in Need of more local assistance with your build?

Give Larry Chambers a Call at 613 259-0220. Larry has built several Cobras over the years and could be just the help you need with your build. –  Taken off their Home Page “This site is dedicated to those individuals who like to do-it-yourself (DIY) when building Kustom cars and hot rods. These are the ones who take “it can’t be done” as a challenge and like to prove it wrong. People who enjoy spending the time searching through junkyards and data books looking for the illusive part that will work.” There is a really excellent reference library on the site at as well as numerous other interesting sections in the site – worth checking out.





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