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   T5 – This is the transmission behind hundreds of thousands of 5.0L Mustangs and GM performance cars. If your Cobra or Rod will be  powered by 300 Ft Lbs of torque or less this is probably one of the best transmissions you could choose to put behind that engine. Lightweight – Proven – Cost Effective

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   TKO500 – The TKO series is fast becoming the transmission of choice with the custom builder. With features like Eight shifter positions – dual electronic and mechanical speedometer drives – three different cross member mounting locations – three available input shafts – a neutral safety switch and back up light sensor – Internal three rail shift system and an Aluminum Billet Short throw Shifter (No more Missed Shifts) – and optional .64 fifth gear overdrive. for more refined highway cruising with those stump pulling rear end gears. Specd. for up to 500 Ft Lbs of torque this is the perfect choice for a Big Block Car  Contact us to add a TKO500 to your Project for


   KO600 – With all of the same features as the TKO500 but rated for 600 Ft Lbs Torque, this is the transmission you need for your Big Block Blown engine on Nitrous!  Contact us to add a TKO600 to your Project for


   T-56 – Originally produced for the Dodge Viper in 1992, the T-56 has become the transmission of choice for those wanting the pulling power of a numerically high geared differential AND reasonable cruising RPM at highway speeds. With overdrive fifth and sixth gears in ratios as high as .5 to 1 this transmission allows you to run 4.11 and higher differential gearing yet still maintain reasonable engine speed cruising down the highway. Rated at up to 450 Ft Lbs torque and strong enough to win at the 24 Hours of Lemans!..The T56 Magnum Offers everything that the T56 does but is engineered to handle up to 700 Ft Lbs of Torque.

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