Western Canada Cobras

 Complete Drop In “Optimized” Ford Power for your Project.


Our Engines are made in BC to our specifications We have five pre-configured engines in horsepower ratings from 300 to 500HP,  plus we can custom build an engine for you if you are the sort that believes that  insane power is “Almost” enough!


These engines are the most complete engines you will find anywhere and are ready to run as delivered. They need nothing other than for you to mount itplumb it for fuel and cooling, wire it, add oil and fire it!.

Every engine is  properly broken in and dyno’d prior to shipping to you and you get a copy of the dyno read out in the crate along with 5 liters of oil, a new oil filter and a gallon of antifreeze.


What Follows is a Dyno Graph from a recent 302-350 HP Build


Several interesting things to note about this graph as follows.

  • PEAK HORSEPOWER – Tops out at over 380HP!
  • Horsepower builds in a very linear fashion relative to engine speed.
  • TORQUE never Drops below 320 Ft Lbs from 3500 to 6150 RPM
  • Torque Line is very flat over the entire RPM Range
  • Engine Redlines at 6500 Rpm.

So what does this mean in real world on the street terms?

This is a very powerful engine that overacheives on its  advertised rated horsepower and with its very linear horsepower build up combined with the fact that the torque is present in abundance with no peaks or valleys  throughout the useful RPM range, this engine will be incredibly quick while at the same time be very drivable on the street in traffic.

All Fortins/WCC Optimized engines display HP and torque profiles that closely resemble the example shown here.

Need More detail Click HERE for a detailed Comparison of a WCC “Optimized Engine” verses another popular Engine Suppliers Engines.


Prices on the engines are as follows.

302300 – 302-300HP Hot Drop in –  Ready to Run Engine  $6,995.00
302350 – 302-350HP Hot Drop in –  Ready to Run Engine $8,995.00
331400 – 331-400HP Hot Drop in –  Ready to Run Engine $9,795.00
351450 – 351-450HP Hot Drop in –  Ready to Run Engine $10,500.00
392500 – 392-500HP Hot Drop In – Ready to Run Engine $11,500.00

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