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Welcome to the Western Canada Cobras Web Site.



Western Canada Cobras provides you with all of the information you will ever need to import, build, register and license a Factory Five kit car in Canada. 


This information is  based on our 17 years of experience importing over 500 Factory Five Kits and is available in our exclusive E-BOOK. The book is updated regularly as new information or procedures are developed and as a purchaser we will send you updates as they come available for one year after your purchase date. Additionally, as an E-book purchaser, you can always contact us for clarification should you need assistance or additional information.


 As an added bonus the E-Book includes Vouchers that will save you over $600Cdn including a $100US dollar voucher you can use when you purchase a kit from Factory Five, (note that this is the ONLY discount offer Factory Five will allow to be used during any sale) In addition there is a voucher for $100Cdn to use when you book your kits transport with our recommended carrier, a third voucher for up to $200Cdn off of your Engine and transmission when you order from our Canadian engine builder and a Voucher for up to $150Cdn off of one of our Canadian Built Differentials!  .


The book provides you with E-mail templates, contacts, procedures and policies to use at each and every step of the journey. Go HERE to gain some additional insight into the E-book and claim your vouchers .



If you use nothing other than the vouchers you will receive an 8 fold return on your investment!


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E-Book - Importing a FFR Kit Into Canada
E-Book - Importing a FFR Kit Into Canada
If you are considering the purchase of a Factory Five Kit this is a must have E-Book! It is built around our 17 years of experience and guides you all the way from Ordering your kit to Licensing and Insuring the completed Car and every step in between - Order yours Today!  -   Get the Info and save hundreds of dollars to boot!
Price: $75.00


Looking for a Completed Cobra or other FFR car? Check HERE for our latest Listings..                    

Hi, Thanks for dropping in. Grab a coffee and a bag of cookies cause there’s lots of interesting information to be found here. If you want a detailed estimate of the cost to build your ideal car, sign up for our mail list. The welcome page you receive provides access to on-line interactive spread sheets that allow you to pick your options and builds a project price as you do so.

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Trying to figure out what colour(s) to paint your car?. – There’s an program for that!

We developed a “Digital Car Painter program” that has over 240 vehicles in the vehicle library including all of the FFR Cars. Read about  it at www.digitalcarpainter.com and download the free trial version.

The program also allows you to use your own photos!

If you have any questions or would like any information please feel free to contact me by one of the following methods


Phone (Toll Free) 866 853-5835

By E-mail to cdncobraguy@gmail.com

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